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Bali Weddings


Marrying the person you love in a tropical paradise like Bali, sounds perfect!    Bali Weddings are becoming very popular, and as perfect as a Bali Wedding may sound there are some things you should need to know.


You must marry in accordance with the marriage law of Indonesia.    Marriage requirements in Bali can be complex and vary depending on your nationality, religion, legal and consulate representation in Bali.   Your wedding ceremony must have a religious and civil ceremony, and the bride and groom must 'declare' the same religion.   Your declaration towards a religion also can have implications towards your truthfulness and the legitimacy of your marriage.


What guarantees do you have that your Bali wedding has met all of the legal requirements of Indonesia, and has been properly registered with the appropriate government authorities.      In Australia, authroised marriage celebrants operate under a 'Code of Practice' and are accountable to the Attorney-General.


Lost Marriage Certificates?


When you marry in Australia, you can obtain a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate from the registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.    In Indonesia, obtaining a copy of your Marriage Certificate can turn into a complex and expensive legal problem.    

Have a read this March 2012 post on Trip Adviser - Lost Marrage Certificate.


Bali wedding plans in tatters

If the above does not raise any concerns, have a read of an October 2014 article in the West Australian newspaper - Bali Wedding Plans in Tatters




The Solution


At MyCelebrant we can perform a simple registry wedding at our office or in your home, and register your marriage in accordance with Australian law so you can be assured that your marriage is legitimate, and you can obtain a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate should the need ever arise.     

In Bali, you can have your perfect wedding ceremony in a tropical paradise, which has no legal or religious requirements. 


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